Sunday, 31 May 2015

Enviro Shield 29 May

This week the shield was awarded to Rm 14

Mathletics Week 5

These Mathletes scored the
highest points in their class last week.
Ryland scored the most of all the school.
Well done to this group!

Friday Certificates 29 May

We are really proud of these students who 
were awarded "student of the Week" certificates
for their class this week.
Ka mau te wehi!

Team Pango Shields 29 May

Wow! These super learners are really
showing the way in the school.
Read what Manaia's teachers said about her as well.

Team Kowhai Shields 29 May

Here they are - our super learners
who were presented with their shield
at assembly on Friday.
Read what their teachers said about them as well.
Tino pai!

Rippa Rugby

Our team played in the tournament
in Ruatoria this week.
Te Wharau were the big winners.
Congratulations to your team for
playing your best and giving it all you had.
Many thanks to Coach Dwayne for training the team
and to Miss Wallis for managing the team.

Monday, 25 May 2015

KIND Certificates 25 May

Being KIND is really important at Awapuni School.
Here are the latest group of KIND students
who were awarded certificates at assembly today.

Player of the Day Week 5

Here are the sportspeople
who were awarded Player of the Day
certificates today at assembly for
their games last week.

Team Kowhai Shields 22 May

Congratulations to these students 
who received the shields in team Kowhai.
Te pai ke!
You are clever!

Team Pango Shields 22 May

Congratulations to these 2 super learners!
You deserve being awarded the shields.
Ka rawe!

Friday Certificates 22 May

Here are the students who were awarded
the Student of the Week certificate
in their class this week.
Mahi pai!
Good work!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rippa Rugby

Our Rippa team had a warm up-game
today v Makauri School.
They are competing in the 
Interschool tourny in Ruatoria
next Wednesday.
Good luck team!

Awesome Authors

There is so much great writing going on in the classes.
Here is an album of some of the authors 
who have been recognised
in their class this term...

Player of the Day Week 4

We have lots of students playing for Awapuni teams.
Here are the player of the day for teams.

Team Pango Shields 15 May

Here are the Team Pango shield winners for this week.
They had a special visitor present their shield to them.

Team Kowhai Shield Awards 15 May

Congratulations to these super learners
who were awarded their shields at assembly.
We had a special visitor to present the awards.

KIND Certificates 18 May

Every week students are recognised for being KIND.
Awapuni students are KIND in many ways.
Here are this week's recipients...