Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rhythmical Gymnastics

Miss Beattie has got a group grooving getting ready for the gym festival next term. 

GoGirls Cricket

4 games. 2 wins. 2 losses. Lots of fun
This is what we do while we wait for our turn to bat ...
It was a great day for cricket. 

Mathlete of the Week Wk 8: 17-24 March

Well done to these people who topped the charts intheir rooms.
Waireti was "Super Mathlete" (again!)

Mathletics Certificates - Week 8: 18-26 March

Congratulations to these mathematicians
who gained certificates in Mathletics last week.

Senior Syndicate Certificates - 27 March

These super students were awarded
certificates at our
senior syndicate assembly today...

Long ball with Room 1

Great fun today playing a game together. 

Collaboration in Google Presentations

Room 1 and Room 2 working in pairs on their presentation today. 
What a lot of learning they had to do about sharing. 

Google Presentations

Today Room 1 & Room 2 worked in pairs on a Google Presentation.
They had to share the work and make 5 slides.
Here is one of the presentations...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

PE Shed Cleanup

Oh my gosh! Look what these kiddos did all by themselves! 
Thank you PE shed monitors Ryland, Genevieve & Gemma. 

Green Team

Mrs Mackey started the Green team today.
Here they are after putting mulch in the raised beds.
Some of them picked tomatoes, silver beet and rhubarb. 

Lunchtime Excitement

We had fun watching the digger work.
Wonder what they are doing this for?

We are KIND at Awapuni School

These people were awarded
KIND certificates at 
assembly on Monday.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Webmaster Applications

So far there have been 14 applications.
Some students have been really creative and have
digitised their application.
Take a look at these...

Paddy's movie

Jazmine's iMovie

Aiden's Tellagami

Student of the Week - 21 March

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Videolicious App

I have been searching for an App to make videos 
out of photos so they can be viewed on any device... 
found Videolicious 
Can't wait to use it with kiddos 
as you can record own voice as well. 
 Here's my  first attempt...

Room 1 and Avatars

Room 1 had a session with Mrs T on making avatars.
They learnt the importance of having a profile picture that 
doesn't use an identifiable photo of yourself.
Take a look at this avatar...
(click on the name to go to her blog)

Blogging with Room 2

Room 2 had to write a learning goal for 2014 in a new post then create a Tux Paint picture to illustrate the goal.
They had to work on eliminating "white noise" in their post. 
They had to...
...make sure their picture had a colourful background
...words were coloured
...words were highlighted
...font size was changed
...alignment was centred

Take a peek at some and see if they achieved this...

Anahera's Tux Paint picture

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Senior Syndicate Assembly

These super students were awarded certificates
today at the senior syndicate assembly.
These assemblies celebrate learning and learners.
Congratulations to you all!

Silver Mathletics Certificate

Congratulations to Ryland - she gained a silver certificate
last week in Mathletics.
She has been up on the stage every week!

Senior Syndicate Assembly

Here we are celebrating learners and learning
at our assembly today.
Mr Gilmore is giving out "gotchas" to students
who are paying attention. They get to sit on 
the chairs when they get a "gotcha."

Mathletics Certificates

Today at the Senior Syndicate assembly
these people were awarded BRONZE 
certificates for Mathletics for last week.
Well done - and keep mathetising!!!

We love Writing at Awapuni School

Senior Syndicate Assembly 6 March

Congratulations to these people who were awarded certificates
at assembly yesterday at our senior syndicate assembly.
Weel done for being recognised for your efforts in your classroom.

Mathlete of the Week

Ryland was Super Mathlete of the Week
in Week 4. She has been busy on Mathletics
and is gaining lots of points & certificates.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mathletes of the Week

Week 5: 3 - 9 March
room 1: Ryland 6308 points
Room 2: Waireti 25, 216 points
Room 3: Kapua 24, 173 points
Room 4: Paru 1826 points

Congratulations to these mathematicians! 
This week Waireti is Super Mathlete of the Week.
Looks like there's a family competition on between 
Waireti and Kapua!

Here's Ryland getting her Super Mathlete Trophy 
for the week she was away in February.


Are you a digital diva?
Are you a blogging bloke?
Do you like teaching others?
If so - the Webmasters might be for you.

Apply to Mrs T via email stating 5 reasons
why you should be a Webmaster.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Blogging with Room 1

Today we...
wrote a new post that evaluated Adventure Week
inserted an image
commented on other's blogs
replied to the comments
joined StudyLadder
put some bling on our blog like a Birthday Countdown clock
changed the background on our blog
made sure the time zone was correct
made sure others can comment on our blog
used Pizap to make an avatar...
Phew! What a long list!

Adventure Week Evaluation

Adventure week was a great week to spend together.
Room 1 have written some evaluations on their blogs.
Go to the Room 1 blog here and click on the student's blog 
in the right hand side bar to see their evaluations.
We were so tired we slept through all the noise

Friday, 7 March 2014


A group of badminton players are training with Miss Wallis every Friday in the Hall. 
They are training for the Inter School Badminton tournament early in April.

Go Girls Cricket

An enthusiastic group of girls have been working with Mel Knight each Friday to learn more about cricket. They will be playing in a girls tournament at the end of March. 
I wonder if any of them will play for Northern Districts like Mel?

Terrific Triathletes

Look at these athletes who entered and completed both the 
individual triathlon today, as well as the team event.
Ka mau te wehi!

Mini Ball Players of the Day

On Tuesday the Hotshots played the Destroyers.
Players of the day were...
Paddy Blackman & Jacob Storey.
Well done boys!
Tobias and Rongo Quai presented the certificates.

Mathlete of the Week

Waireti was Mathlete of the week in Week 3. 
Here she is getting her trophy from Mr Langford at long last.
We have been on Adventure Week so this is the first assembly we have all been to for a while.

Certificates at Assembly

Here are the super workers for each class this week.
Ka pai!

Senior Syndicate Philosophy

The students in the syndicate contributed to this acronym
as part of their early work this year 
in building class climate and cohesion.

Monday, 3 March 2014


MATHLETE of the WEEK for last week - 24 February - 2 March
R1: Ryland 4225 points
R2: Lara 865 points
R3: Hine 2180 points
R4: Kyle 617 points

This makes Ryland the Super Mathlete of the Week

Certificates will be presented at Friday Assembly this week.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Adventure Week 2

What did you go home and talk about
after Adventure Week?

  • Deep Water Challenge...
  • Hydroslide...
  • Kayaking...
  • Snorkeling at the Marine Reserve...
  • Crab City...
  • Supper...
  • Carrot and Pumpkin ice cream...
  • Sleepover...

Adventure Week

What a week!
There should be lots on class blogs to show all teh highlights of the week.
Many thanks to the parents who came with the classes.
We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!